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Starting Time
January 4, 2019 at 9:55:53 AM EST

This meeting has a maximum duration of 90 minutes from the starting time

Quick Tips

  • Use a laptop or desktop computer, tablets and mobile devices do not support all the features. Chrome and Firefox are the recommended and supported browsers.
  • Use headphones instead of speakers to prevent voice echo.
  • The Enter Meeting Room button will activate when it’s time to start your meeting.
  • Computer Pre-check

Session Management

Audio and Video

  • Watch for browser permissions that appear at the top of the page and allow for your webcam and microphone to be used.
  • Share your microphone and webcam only when needed or required.
  • You can share and un-share your webcam and microphone when necessary.
  • Please use Chrome or Firefox.


  • Click the record button when you are ready to start the recording. Click record again when you want to finish the recording.
  • You can start, stop, and restart the recording, but all parts are combined into one video per meeting.
  • If you do not click the record button the meeting will not be recorded.
  • Your recording will be available for viewing after processing which may require 30-90 minutes depending on your meeting duration.


  • Session features may vary based on the configuration settings chosen by the moderator or assignment requirements.
  • Share your webcam and unmute your microphone only when needed or required, start with the Listen option unless your moderator provides other directions.
  • If you are using Chrome and will share your desktop, install the Bongo Screenshare Extension plugin from the Chrome Web Store so that your computer is ready when the meeting starts.
  • If you are using Firefox, ensure you have an up-to-date version to enable screen sharing during the meeting.

Enter Meeting Room